• DSH The double helix cone mixer
    DSH The double helix cone mixer
    The double helix cone mixing equipment is widely used in chemical industry、Pesticides、Dye、Food、Battery materials、Rare earth powder mixed process industries。Product characteristics000000-00-0-0-0-0、Have high standard requirements for hybrid material feeding no residue。2、Gentle agitation modes does not destroy fragile material such as crystal materials。3、Low energy mixing effect...
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  • LHY Horizontal ribbon mixer
    LHY Horizontal ribbon mixer
    LHY Horizontal ribbon mixer in chemical industry、Medicine、Food、Building materials in areas such as widely used,Food mixer can be used for powder mixed with the powder、Add a small amount of liquid mixed powder、Powder mixed with particles etc。
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  • LDH Colter mixer
    LDH Colter mixer
    Coulter type mixer can handle solid powder、A mixture of granular materials,Adapt to add batch mixing technology of liquid,In the food、Chemical industry、Building materials are widely used,Applied in food additives、Ready-mixed mortar、Composting technology、Sludge treatment、Rubber plastic、Special building materials industry is particularly significant,Powerful cutting effect...
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  • FKM Blade of mixer
    FKM Blade of mixer
    Horizontal single shaft paddle mixer with special shape blade design,Suitable for granular materials or mixing containing granular materials,Suitable for plastic particles、Spices、Drug infusion、Particles used in conditions such as food。Blade less damage to the integrity of the granular material,In the process of mixing,Formation of smaller mixing resistance...
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  • WZL Zero gravity mixing machine
    WZL Zero gravity mixing machine
    WZLWithout gravity powder mixer in chemical industry、Creatures、Building materials in areas such as widely used,Can be used in the powder、Particles、Fiber material such as mixed,Have strong stirring reaction,Achieve rapid mixing in a short time,Particularly good at dealing with proportion、Fineness、Physical properties such as liquidity difference between the larger material...
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  • CM Continuous mixer
    CM Continuous mixer
    CmSeries of continuous mixer can truly realize feeding and discharging at the same time of continuous mixing production operation,It can form a complete set in mass production line,In the mix at the same time also can ensure the consistency and stability of the output material products,To configure the output of different sizes of equipment to meet the overall production line...
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COMPANY PROFILECompany profile

Shanghai shengli machinery specialized in the study on mixing equipment、Design、Manufacturing、Pin Sales、Service,Deep mixing process in the field of equipment technology and configuration,Has 20 years of technical experience,Committed to the mixing equipment type and technical point of research, Modification and perfect the existing system of mixing process,Development of new type mixing equipment。
In the manufacturing of mixing equipment experience under the deposit,We develop our own special mixing equipment Processing machinery,With modern high new processing methods,Strict production management,Make sure that The quality of the product,Accumulate talents,The first-class service team,Achievement mixing equipment brands。We constantly develop new technology,Resolve customer problems of processing, Designed to provide for efficient products,Actively promote the advanced high-tech products, Gradually replacing backward old equipment,To improve user productivity,Create generous benefits for our customers。
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The existing factory covers an area of about

10,000 m2

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